We Can Fill and Ship Orders to Your Customers.


Virtual Products Real Money.You Sell We Do the Rest.

private label

Private Label Drop Shipping Fulfillment warehouse.

  • Set Your Inventory
  • You Sell
  • Collect Money
  • We Ship to your customer
  • They never know it is from CGA

Total Fulfillment

Private Labeling Drop shipping Fulfillment Information
To do private label drop shipping you will need to create a sales channel and CGA will do the rest.

Manufacturing, Storage, Pick, Pack & Ship Fulfillment Under One Roof!

Turn-Key Private label & Fulfillment

We create your product, store your inventory, pick, pack, and ship to your customers.
Pick your name, your logo, your look and launch your marketing. We do all the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on what matters, SALES!
We create, bottle, label, package, store, pack, and ship all for one low price per unit.

Keep Your Focus on Customer Acquisition

We provide accurate quick and friendly service to up-and-coming businesses, private label retailers, auto detail specialists, and professional marketers. We understand the constant changes in the automotive industry and are committed to innovation and product quality. Everything we do is to ensure your company’s success.

High Standards

Take advantage of our 13 years selling ceramic and 20 years detailing experience, we create products that work and people actually want.

  • Quick Ceramic Spray and Wipe - 3 month life
  • Hybrid Ceramic Wax - 30 Day life
  • 9H Ceramic CarBra
  • 9H 3 to 5 Year Ceramic

All products are mixed, filled, capped, labeled, and wrapped under strict quality control procedures and standards.

First-Class Service

We create your product
We manufacture your product
Color Changes available
Many formulations to choose from
We warehouse your products
We box, label, and ship (in your name)
Over 15 Upsell Products
No worries if pallets of the product will arrive
We can place almost any item, printed materials in your packages.
No storage fees
No pick and pack fees
No per item fee
No need to worry about supply chain
No expensive shipping pallets of product
Our software transfers your orders hands free

We offer over 1 dozen up-sells and custom up sell kits.
PLF Catalog

If you are a PLDS and selling less than 10 main product units daily (read below) then see PLDS.

  • Note* Sellers with 10 or less PL orders daily.
  • Lets assume you setup an online shopping cart, sell on etsy, amazon, ebay etc.
  • You will need digital versions or a photographs of the items you are selling (with your labels on them).
  • You can also order one of each item from us without labels attached, create your labels, label them and photograph them.
  • You can have CGA create labels and mockup versions (labels on bottles) so no photography is needed

You are the product owner, the brand owner, Never mention CGA.
Display your items for sale
Collect the funds for each sale
Go to the CGA on-line store and place each customer order separately.

Add your billing info
Choose "ship to a different address", (not the customer email) put in the entire customer address, complete any relevant questions and tell us anything we may need to know in the comments section.
You will see plds $2 drop ship charge to print and affix label, print generic instructions, pack and ship
Pay for the order

Since you are placing a PL Drop Ship order, you must have completed the PLDS form, been approved and received your PLDS-1234 number.
As an approved PL drop shipper the first thing you must do is create labels for the products you want to sell.
SEE: our catalog and forms page, Labeling Scenarios

Complete our Private Label Drop Shipping Form, you must be approved before offering PL drop shipping.

Please note we do not accept returns from private label drop shippers.
You can accept returns from your customer, issue refunds and run your business as you see fit.
If you attempt to place a charge back your private label reseller status will be terminated immediately.

Click Here or call 1-727-282-4911 to get started today!

Do you have additional questions about private labeling with CGA? Please feel free to give us a call at SCRATCH-911 or 669 CERAMIC.

We have a low minimum of 12 bottles of the same item and size. But PLDS does not require any inventory.
CGA offers FREE training in our members only section if you purchase any private label or liter or more wholesale. Otherwise training is $129 1 year access.
Yes! Fill out our private label fulfillment form, create an account on the CGA store.
Sell products under your name, with your label and logo. Never mention CGA.
Once you have a sale and collected the funds go to CGA store, place an order for the items your customer ordered. At checkout check the box "ship to a different address", complete all information and pay for the order.
No! You may need samples (with your labels) for display or to show customers at shows or on your online shopping cart. We have empty, label-less versions for most of the items we sell, you can mock versions created. You could purchase one of each product you wish to sell, we can send them unlabeled. You label, photograph them and so. Look here for product label options.
No! At least not yet. We are considering adding one in the next few months.

See Our Q and A

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