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  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Superior 9H Hardness
  • Mobile Install
  • Fast & Affordable
  • Care Manual & Goodie Bag.

Ceramic is all the rage these days

What Is 9H Hardness?

The scientific "MOHS" scale measures the hardness of materials from 1 to 10, CGA C-Line ceramics measure 9, the same as tungsten and titanium steel, just one hardness away from diamond (10). Most all painted vehicles are rated at between 2 and 5 on the MOHS scale. Once CGA is applied your vehicle has unsurpassed protection from damage caused by UV, bird dropping, bug splatter, corrosion, salts, acids, oils, hard water, dirt and can even protect your paint from everyday scratches. When CGA begins to cure, the bonding reaction will turn the liquid into a transparent glass/ceramic protective film that can last up to 5 years.

Our ceramic is sold world wide and has coated more then 100,000 surfaces.

Clearguard Armor manufactures and distributes ceramic and other automotive, marine and aircraft coatings.

The tampa bay area offers mobile coating services while you are at work, play or relaxing at home.
Currently you can get our top of the line 5 year coating half off. Normally $1200 now just $600.

  • Say "50 OFF" to get your discount.

car ceramic install
Call 727 282 4911 (SCRATCH-911)
or (669) - CERAMIC for an appointment.

Ceramic Install

Wash with grease and wax remover, clay bar surface, pre-ceramic spray.
if your paint is dull we may need to polish, $45. If your paint is dull, faded and dirty we will need to buff $125. If your paint is scratched we may need to do surface scratch repair $45 to $125.

  • 5 Year Ceramic
  • 5 Year Recoat Guarantee
  • No Cure time - CureCoat included.
  • Car Care Goodie Bag
  • Mobile Unit Comes To You

Do you have additional questions about coating your car with CGA? Please feel free to give us a call at SCRATCH-911 or 669 CERAMIC.

We will recoat the vehicle one time. There is a $45 wash and prep fee.
CGA has developed a top coat, called "CureCoat" this makes it easy for customers to use the vehicle immediately without waiting the 72 hour base cure time.
Yes! We offer $50 discount for each car (including the first car) Do 2 cars get $100 savings.
CGA "Spot-Less" ceramic top coat. Never worry about water spots again. Tire Shine, and ??? You'll just need to see after we coat your vehicle.
Yes. Do you want to sell for CGA? Call and ask the details.

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