Private label/ White Label Ceramic Coatings


We offer private label ceramic, No Inventory Needed!

private label

We manufacturer and you control every aspect of the customer experience.

  • Control Production
  • Target Your Niche
  • Set Your Margins
  • Tell Your Story
  • Create Your Brand


How To Start Private Labeling at CGA
As a Virtual PLDS (private Label Drop Shipper), You do not need to have products in stock. You sell by listing mockup versions for sale on your own shopping cart or ebay, etsy, Amazon or whatever. Once you have an order go to our shopping cart and order. We ship directly to your customer in your name.

You are not selling CGA products. You are selling your newly created products under your brand.

Complete the PLDS application.
Have CGA create labels from our label catalog. We can also virtually place labels (mockup) on your bottle choices (no photography needed).
We print on demand, each time you order we print your label and affix the label to your ceramic.
(or) You create labels and send us the digital version, we print and affix labels everytime you order.
(or) If you are creating and physically printing labels and want CGA to affix them each time you order, send the printed labels to us.(small storage charge may apply)
For latest pricing and instructions please see Label Catalog and our PLDS Catalog
Another label option would be, if you are creating and physically printing labels you may want to order 1 of each product and put labels on and photograph each item.


Become A Private Label Brand Owner

As a private label brand owner - there is no need to purchase inventory. Your inventory is virtual, no product purchase is necessary and you can start selling your own brand within days.

Private label products are products produced and or manufactured by CGA and sold under the reseller’s label and brand name with zero mention of CGA. As a private label owner you are in charge of every aspect of your business, and your brand. You do not sell for CGA, you don't work for CGA, the only affiliation, CGA manufacturers products that you buy at wholesale prices.

CGA ceramics offers our buyers the opportunity to white label, or private label our full line of products and up-sells listed in the PLDS category of our store. This gives resellers the ability to specify everything from label design, color, product size, shape, logo, name and the overall look and feel of the product.

A growing trend in almost every product category, private labeling is hot and growing by leaps and bounds. People want "boutique" style service.
This growth is a testament to the advantages of private labeling.

Advantages of Private Labeling
As a private label brand owner you build the company you want. With private labeling, you have the opportunity to mold and foster an image of your brand. You can piggyback off an existing brand you own or create a whole new identity, your private labeled products are unique and tailor-made to build brand loyalty among your customers.

You are able to differentiate your brand as you build customer loyalty, you will be your customer’s sole source for your product. Additionally, brand loyal customers rarely shop by price online.

Determine your profit.
Creating private label products allow you to determine the profit margin of your product. You control all the keys; production, exclusivity, price, marketing, and message of the product.

Cater to your customers.
Private labeling gives you the opportunity to create products that are in demand. There is no need to wait for a specific product to come out, with private labeling you can create your audience by creating your label. Need ceramic for gelcoat, create your label, need ceramic for semi-trucks, create your label, need ceramic for law-enforcement, city-busses, restaurant equipment..... Move ahead of trends and create your own niche brand. Wholesalers can corner niche markets that bigger brands may not be able to pursue.

Crush your competition, without being the low, low price leader. CGA private label products are manufactured for you, bottled and labeled for you, stored, picked and shipped for you. Or we manfacture in bulk and bottle, label and ship in the quantities you need from 12 to truck loads.


Private Label Setup

Simply pick any private label package. Decide if you will create your own label, purchase your own bottles or have CGA do it all for you.

  • Choose Ceramic Type
  • Pick your bottle
  • Create your label
  • Sell

Do you have additional questions about private labeling with CGA? Please feel free to give us a call at SCRATCH-911 or 669 CERAMIC.

We have a low minimum of 12 bottles of the same item and size. But PLDS does not require any inventory.
CGA offers FREE training in our members only section if you purchase any private label or liter or more wholesale. Otherwise training is $129 1 year access.
Yes! Fill out our private label fulfilment form, create an account on the CGA store.
Sell products under your name, with your label and logo. Never mention CGA.
Once you have a sale and collected the funds go to CGA store, place an order for the items your customer ordered. At checkout check the box "ship to a different address", complete all information and pay for the order.
No! You may need samples (with your labels) for display or to show customers at shows or on your online shopping cart. We have empty, label-less versions for most of the items we sell, you can mock versions created. You could purchase one of each product you wish to sell, we can send them unlabeled. You label, photograph them and so. Look here for product label options
No! At least not yet. We are considering adding one in the next few months.

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View Retail Products - To view PLDS products you must complete the application for a PLDS #.

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