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Gyms are all the rage, but people want germ protection, owners want protection for equipment

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Success comes easily when you find crowds of people that have a problem or need and no way to solve it or fulfill it.

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  • Live with the problem
  • Create the answer

Never create something thinking "Everyone" is your customer. Never think something is needed, make sure it is needed by asking the people you think need it. The fastest way to go broke it to create something you believe everyone needs buy in reality no one wants.

Liquid Glass is food safe, it’s environmentally friendly (winner of the Green Apple Award) and it can be applied to almost any surface within seconds. Any surface that gets coated with Liquid Glass becomes easy to clean and provides exceptional anti-microbial protection (Winner of the NHS Smart Solutions Award).
Nano Technology actually creates a flexible and breathable glass coating and with a thickness of approximately 10 micron, or 10,000 nanometers (depending upon the grade) makes it one of the most incredible and versatile items ever for protecting virtually any surface against almost any damage from hazards such as water, UV radiation, dirt and bacterial infections. The liquid glass coating is also flexible and breathable, which makes it suitable for use on an enormous array of products as well as its ability to block and withstand extreme heat.
When applied polymerisation takes place allowing for the ultra thin layer of Liquid Glass to set correctly on the surface. What is amazing is that there are no glues or resins within the matrix of the structure of the coating. The Liquid Glass layer adheres to a surface through the Van Der Waals effect. This means that quantum forces draw the molecules to the substrate layer it is coating. As a result any surface that is coated with Liquid Glass Protection becomes easy to clean with water and without the need of harsh cleaning chemicals.

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