Are All CGA Ceramic Coatings 9H?


There are many grades of ceramic, some have a much higher Si02 content.
You can tell if your ceramic is high grade if after installation the coating feels other then smooth. All quick ceramics feel very smooth after install, but high-grade 9H ceramic does not. Most installers when installing a high-grade ceramic will apply a “Top Coat” of quick ceramic so we get that wonderful slick as oil feeling.

So, all ceramics (if they are actually ceramic) will protect against things wax and other coatings could only dream of. But not all are 9H.

But to be straight forward 9H is just a selling point. If you rarely every get scratches then 9H may not be needed. A quick ceramic will protect your vehicle paint, give you great shine and last around a year.

Quick ceramic is super easy to apply, faster than wax with far more protection.

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