Can Ceramic Coatings Stop Water Spots?

Water spots are not just water.

Environmental contaminants, acids, rust, calcium and more are in those water spots and can be difficult to remove from any surface. The high amount of contaminates in the spots build up and lead to ugly water spots that unfortunately are almost impossible to prevent with the application of ceramic coatings.

CGA has several methods that can help remove stubborn water spots from ceramic.

Clay Bar or Clay Rag. If you don’t know what claying is look HERE
Polish. Polish is like very fine sandpaper, it gently removes extremely fine layers leaving a shine behind. HERE

Don’t park under a tree.
Don’t park where water sprinklers can spray your car.
Do NOT wash in direct sunlight or when it is very hot.
Wash and rinse small areas of your vehicle at a time.
Dry your vehicle, do not allow the sun to dry your car.

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