Can Ceramic Prevent Scratches?


Can Ceramic Prevent Scratches?


Yes and No! I’m afraid that the answer depends upon what you consider a scratch. From surface damage to gouges, scratches are many things. CGA C-Line ceramic coatings provide a good defense against minor and small scratches, however, it can not protect against more severe, deeper scratches and damage. As an example, every time we look it seems scratches show up out of nowhere, 85% of these everyday scratches are just surface scratches on our clear coat. Buff with a good polish and wala most of the scratches are gone. The unfortunate thing so is a layer of clear coat. With C-Line ceramic over your clearcoat, 98% of the scratches are less severe and removed without clearcoat degradation. Buffing is like using very very fine sandpaper you can only buff a vehicle clearcoat a few times before you destroy what little UV and paint protection clearcoat provides.

With C-Line coatings the clearcoat is protected, the ceramic becomes the sacrificial lamb. However, compared to a non-coated vehicle, the coated vehicle will be far less damaged than the non-protected vehicle. C-Line Ceramics can protect against surface scratches and 98% of those everyday scratches, but larger and deeper scratches can penetrate the coating.

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