CGA C-Line Ceramics – Best On The Planet!

CGA C-Line ceramic coatings actually create a flexible and breathable glass
coating with a nano thickness of approximately 10 microns or 10,000 nanometers
(depending upon the grade) it is one of the most incredible and versatile items
ever. CGA C-Line ceramics will protect virtually any surface against almost any
damage, including UV radiation, bird and bug splatter, and chemicals. CGA C-Line
liquid glass coatings are flexible and breathable. Suitable for use on an
enormous array of products as well as its ability to block and withstand extreme

Once applied it becomes virtually indestructible, without messy glues or resins.
CGA C-Line Ceramics, we sometimes call “Liquid Glass” adheres to the surface
through the Van Der Waals effect.
This means that quantum forces draw the molecules to the substrate layer on the
surface it is applied to. As a result, any surface that is coated with Liquid
Glass Protection becomes easy to clean with water and without the need of harsh
cleaning chemicals.

CGA C-Line ceramics provide extremely durable protection against oxidation by isolating the paint from
The coating does not wash off with time, in fact, abrasion is the only way to
remove C-Line ceramics, and with proper care will last for many years with just
a bit of care.

The world is waking up to just how incredible Ceramic Coatings
really are. CGA ceramics have developed AeroCoat
for the aviation market. AeroCoat is the
ultimate protection for aircraft paint finishes.

Formulated with pure Si02 to create a nanocrystalline coating
of approximately 10 microns thick with an ultra-hard (9H)
rating. AeroCoat is not only one of the most durable coatings
in the world, but it also will leave a rich deep gloss
shine as no wax can ever do. We feel so
confident in AeroCoat’s abilities and it’s an unrivaled
proprietary formula we offer a no questions
asked 5-year guarantee.

If AeroCoat fails within 5 years we will replace
it free.

AeroCoat Ceramic Coating will make cleaning a
snap, prolong the life of your paint, lower drag, and fuel costs, reduces debris
and even ice build-up, excellent protection
against UV rays.
You’ll enjoy a deep gloss that is extremely shiny.

Whether you own one aircraft or a fleet of aircraft, reducing costs and increasing efficiency is
good business and good for the environment.
Since AeroCoat can be cleaned with water, you can skip
the harsh environmental killer chemicals.

Go ahead and get yours today.

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