How much clear coat does machine polishing remove?

How much clear coat does machine polishing remove?

Using a medium abrasive polish on a polishing pad with a rotary machine polisher around 2.5 – 3 microns (m) will be removed.
This would be achieved with 4 or 5 passes at 1500 – 1800 rpm.
It’s worth noting there are many variables to take into account including pressure applied and speed used, polishing pad and compound combinations, etc, all of which will impact on the amount of clear coat removed.

Clearly, it is better to avoid the problem of introducing blemishes to the paintwork in the first place.
This is even more important these days as modern paintwork is softer than older paint owing to the discontinued practice
of using petroleum-based paints, these having been replaced with more environmentally friendly water-based paints.
Think of buffing as you would think of sandpaper. 1 grit being a rock, and 3000 grit being extremely soft.
The same can go for polishes and compounds. Using a heavy wool buffing pad and a heavy grit compound can tear through clear coat fast.

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