Liquid Steel Top Coat BQ

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Liquid Steel Top Coat – Spray on, wipe off Ceramic
Liquid Steel Top Coat performs double duty, it polishes and protects.

Use as standalone ceramic.
Average life 3 months to 1 year.
The polishing agent added increases shine.
Easier to apply and remove than wax.
Hydrophobic Properties.
Can not mess-up.
Consumers love it.
Keeps sap, bugs, UV, and other clear coat killers at bay.

4 reviews for Liquid Steel Top Coat BQ

  1. Dave (verified buyer)

    Very happy with your top coat. Extremely easy to apply basically spray and wipe.

  2. Signature Detailing (verified buyer)

    It seems to hold up well after 3 months with good shine.
    I use the x18 first then top coat.
    Very economical, about $20 per vehicle all in.

  3. Dunn-Rite (verified buyer)

    Just got my topcoat and I am lovin it!
    After washing, I sprayed it on my trim, glass, mirrors and wiped.
    It beads and sheds water really nice. Dunkin

  4. Summit Ceramic (verified buyer)

    Top coat is ok it covers pretty much everything but
    I had been using the x3 nano quick ceramic and I like it better.
    Top coat has like a polish additive so I guess it is what you like or are used to.

    • CGA **REPLY** Summit Ceramic

      We designed top coat as a retail product or private label product
      you sell or give to your customer after they had ceramic applied.
      It is actually designed for the vehicle owner to use after washing,
      to clean the already applied ceramic. Technically a maintenance product
      or stand alone ceramic for DIY home installers.

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