X5 C-Line Ceramic BC

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CX5 is a high-grade commercial ceramic.

High si02 content with an average life of 60 months.

Excellent on vehicle paint.
Use on rims
Composite plastic (taillights)

It can be used on glass… But
be careful to get glass very clean,
apply in a cool area.
Wipe off/hand polish thoroughly &
immediately as flash is occurring.

Nano Glass Coating is all the rage these days and it’s not hard to see why. It’s being used for all kinds of applications, including coatings for equipment, medical implants, factory equipment, food surfaces, bathroom surfaces, food preservation, water treatment, automobile repair, adhesives, and even fire protection. The science behind “liquid Glass Nano Technology” is decades in the making. Nano technology creates a clear glass-like, long-lasting antibacterial effect that bacteria can’t grow on, and is currently used in the majority of, if not all, semiconductor technology for its ability to ‘insulate’ electric current.

The science behind “liquid Glass Nano Technology” allows CGA to create a clear glass-like, long-lasting alien force field that covers your paint in all weather, from salts, UV, scratching, dirt, chemicals, bird droppings, bug splatter and more.

CGA has been developed through extensive testing and research to become the leader in liquid glass coating longevity and shine. CX5 coating has 5 years of paint protection technology.

Using patented Liquid Ceramic technology’s enables CGA to offer the strongest most advanced line of Nano coatings available in the world today.

CGA takes advantage of the latest breakthroughs in Nano ceramic technology while using
extensive testing and development has created Not a clear plastic, wax, polish or old-fashioned paint sealant, but a revolutionary NEW coating that exhibits outstanding resistance to friction, heat, and solvents. Our line of CGA coatings will seal, protect, and bond to most of your vehicle surfaces, including composites.

Acid Rain
Bug Splatter
Love Bugs
Bird Droppings
Rain Spots
Carwash Swirl
UV Fading
Color Fading
Clearcoat degradation
Road tar

1 review for X5 C-Line Ceramic BC

  1. ArmorShine (verified buyer)

    Very rarely do I ever comment, It takes a lot for me to take the time to critique a product.
    I applied the c x5 to our shop truck and my boat. I install ceramic coatings for a living and this is my new #1 of top 3 I ever used.
    You definitely have a loyal new customer!
    I recomend you check this out, call me so I can install it on your vehicle!

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